• inspired by purpose

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  • people talk about "writing with light"

    but shades create photographs

  • photography to approach some realitites

    the camera to interpret them

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who am I?

I am a professional photo reporter who, in 1994, has professionally grown in a historic shop of an important photographer in Verona, Maurizio Brenzoni

I learned how to develop negatives in big and medium format and, after that, to print photographs in the dark room. All my work have been used for the superintendence of cultural heritage, for the civic museum of Castel Vecchio, for the modern art gallery of Modena Achille Forti, and as well for the newspaper L’Arena.

Since 2007 my professional career continued to grow with the first reportages published in magazines such as:
D La Repubblica
Musica di Repubblica
Vogue Uomo

In 2011 i won with my personal project “13 Coins” the 1° prize for the best reportage book in Europe in 2010, recognized by FEP (Federation European Photographer).

The project lasted 6 years, I traveled through Greenland, Malawi, Uganda, Mali, Burkina Faso, Belarus, Philippines, Amazonia, Brasil, Thailand and Italy, and it has been fully realized in analogue small format.

It has been exhibited at the International Center of Photography Scavi Scaligeri of Verona and at Pesaro Photo Festival of 2011.

In 2014 I received from the Px3 De La Photographie Paris, an Honorable Mention for the work on Vujio a golfer living in a township in Cape Town, and a bronze for the portrait of the young ballet dancer.

In 2015 I partecipated in the “7Mila_Miglia_Lontano” project, a relay race world tour where 7 professional teams have reported the world street food. The books produced were then presented at Expo Milano 2015.

In 2017 an Honorable Mention from Px3 Paris for the project on Adult Babies.

Between 2018 and 2019 I won 2 International Awards for the best direction of photography in the short film “In the House of Mantegna”, one at the Phoenix Film Festival and the other in 2019 at the Toronto Film Festival.

I collaborated with other short films as Photograph Director that have been received more than 120 mentions and special reports in the most important video dance festivals.
Among others, the video “Snags in Palladio” is in permanent exhibitions at the Los Angeles Torrent Museum.

In 2019 I founded the “iPicky Academy”, a training center for travelers who have a passion for photograph.
Also, thanks to my degree in master of art and to my 9 years teaching experience at the International Center of Photography in Verona, I started a fundamental training starting from the history of art.
On this background i built my personal teaching method of photography language.

In 2021 together with the prestigious internationally renowned photographer Monika Bulaj, we led the students of the last course of the iPicky Academy to the construction of their first professional book, “This too is Love” now available at the Mondadori Store

1st Prize Photo Book of the year awards 2010

FEP Federation of European Photographers Reportage Category with the book “13 Coins”


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I constantly dedicate myself to an educational section in the iPicky website, of which I am the founder.
My teaching method is spread by the iPickyAcademy.

All the articles are in Italian.

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The only way to improve a photo is to strike a good one after that, if reality allows

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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