13 Coins

Why 13 Coins

This project came from the desire to make it known, to tell people, to almost yell out, that there are men out there doing extraordinary things that no one knows about. Constantly surrounded by desperation they find the strength and courage every day to provide dignity to those who it seems the world has decided have no claim to what should be a basic right of all.
13 men and women, both religious and not, who have been taken as an example to reccount the work of many other people who have renounced the dubious scale of western values and who can act for us as a gift of a currency to be spent in the search for what it is right, or wrong, to be.
A photographic and video project aimed at the old and younger generations who we can see from the news every day have great difficulty in interacting with the society that surrounds them. The loss of idealogical, religious, political and in general -human- points of reference prove the growing weakness of the models we are expected to follow in this new -productive millenium-.