Hello, this is my first post and I must warn immediately that I am no writer. If you also take into account that, when I do write, those who know me, believe that I am even nastier than how I come across in real life, the only intelligent conclusion would be: why do heck do you do it then ? Simply for the pleasure of communicating and providing more complete an image, a vision I have of the world, and my way of portraying it.

Pictures tell a story, first of all about the photographer. Just like any work of art, or any artist, whether he/she is a sculptor, painter, engraver, etc… All their handworks talk about the author, before narrating the intrinsic nature of the piece.

That is why, when I look at an image, I often find myself thinking about the photographer at the moment of pressing the button… then I go beyond and examine the image.
Doing this, I also like reading what photographers have to say, through a blog for example, rather than the loose interpretation of critics or other pundits, who tend to follow marketing needs.

After this long premise: hello and welcome to my website and my pages of jottings. Often I will transcribe observations that I keep in a small notebook that I always carry along. These thoughts are often, if not almost always, needed to digest the world I find myself in. A world which I am not always able to decode straight away, therefore writing is the ideal outlet of emotions, enabling me to make sense of what I am/was experiencing.
For example, this post carries the date when I started to think of myself as a photographer, which does not coincide with the date I wrote and published it.

I am no one, I am just a guy who loved to recount what others could not see, so I started talking about the backstage of a theatre.

Everyone can attend a performance, but the world behind the scenes, which moves everything and creates the farce, cannot be seen by anybody (or just a few).
This is what I’ve always liked about photography and being a photographer… Narrating what is reserved to “few”, or to a minority.

Since then, considering also my academic studies on arts, I would say that what has determined my philosophy is well expressed by what goes on in a theatre.
The spectator attends a farce, which is the world unraveling before his eyes… Sometimes nice, sometimes dramatic, often ridiculous.
Then there those who orchestrate the farce: they write it, give it structure and finance it (politics, the economy, …), and there are those who stage it…

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, in this introduction, that I am a photographer listed in the register of journalists (I did not say I am a journalist), but I am the first one to question the concept of truth, as you might have guessed from these lines.
The only professional thing a photographer can do, is to do as little damage as possible, but I will talk about this again in the future.

This argument, since the introduction of digital photography, has often been mentioned in forums or other areas to debate photo-journalism: I take a step back and my first thought is not on the photographic process, but on the context where it takes place.
Photography portrays a portion of reality, but the concept of truth is much more complex.

Do you think I am stating the obvious ? Is this a banality ? …next time you listen to a debate on the “concept of truth”, or watch a report on a conflict, pay attention to how many times it is taken for granted that the truth is being narrated, whilst they are simply telling their point of view, without taking into account the infinite nuances that trutch contains.