Director of photography

My experience as photography director began in 2012 thanks to an institutional video for a winery.
That video has been awarded at Media Star Awards 2012.
Starting from that experience I have been involved in other video projects ranging all the way to video art, category in which, in 2015, we have been included in more than 22 of the most important Video Art International Festival with “Snags in Palladio”, a video by Michele Manzini and Valeria Lo Meo. The international recognition has continued also in the following year where, thanks to the detailed care of the direction of photography for the video “Moving Africa”, again by Lo Meo-Manzini, we confirmed once again the call from the most prestigious Video Art International Festivals, such as: Singapore, Berlin, Paris, Buenos Aires, Milan, Morocco and many more.
The debut of the newest video in the last months of 2017, always signed by Michele Manzini and Valeria Lo Meo, is already showing signs of approvals and growth on an international level.
We are still going to wait a few more months before we announce this ulterior step forward though.