• inspired by purpose

    driven by passion

  • people talk about "writing with light"

    but shades create photographs

  • photography to approach some realitites

    the camera to interpret them

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Born with passion for photography and for telling what others could not see.
I’ve had publications regarding covers for Musica di Repubblica and L’Opera, while some reportages were published on D, an insert of Repubblica, and  Vogue Uomo.

My book 13 “Coins” was awarded the first prize as best reportage publication in Europe in 2010, granted at the Awards of Feration European Photographer.
Today, more and more, I am trying to investigate reality, not just to narrate it, but to find a key to decode and represent all the magic that connects and completes man, on this beautiful and abused planet.


I had big satisfactions also while I was photo director for some documentaries and video performance art with 37 participations in international festivals in 12 different countries.
For more info I invite you to click on my personal profile on Linkedin.

1st Prize Photo Book of the year awards 2010

FEP Federation of European Photographers Reportage Category with the book “13 Coins”


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The only way to improve a photo is to strike a good one after that, if reality allows

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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